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- and they are not used necessarily in times of war, so be aware and help -

1)      Chemical weapons:

2)      Nuclear weapons:

3)      Biological weapons:

4)      Neurological weapons:

(Please check our suggestions for research topics on our blog about Science because we have solved part of this problem, like if we create the machines we talk about there, then one can save themselves from at least attacks of the sort MKULTRA. Notice that, when an individual is attacked by this sort of weapon, the worst problem is a medical declaration of the presence of the device in their heads. Usually, these weapons are small and may look like a malformation of the brain, for instance)
(Notice that the navy of the USA was in Australia by the end of 2001/beginning of 2002. We ourselves saw two of the members of the US navy, males, wearing their official uniform in St Kilda (Melbourne, VIC) in that period. We did ask one of them what they were doing there, but he disclosed nothing. They were in official mission, wearing uniform, and acting in an aggressive manner. We say that because one of the links above will lead to a video from October of 2013 where the Chancellor Robert Watson states that the navy of the USA can make decisions of the sort bugging a civilian or not disregarding all local laws, this also in the USA. We saw them with our eyes, but we sincerely cannot find official information about that visit on the Internet)

5)      Laws against basic human rights:

In Brazil, relatives and partners of a person can interdict them, what means that they can steal all their rights from day to night by simply claiming together, for instance, in a court that the person is insane or cannot manage their financial affairs.

With this, they actually can administer the assets of the person, for instance, themselves, what then leads to a lot of crimes in Brazil against perfectly OK individuals.

6)    Satellite weapons:

MKULTRA with transmission via satellite or normal mobile lines  
(Did you know that GPS is a cluster of military satellites called the Global Positioning System and this system can tell precisely where you are on earth at any time using, for instance, your mobile set?)

7)    And many others.

From 1 to 6: All the laws out there, best regimens on earth, say capitalism, democracy, republic, and, even so, the individual who is attacked by the weapon will not have any chance.



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